Strive Today, Transform Tomorrow (ST3) believes in pushing boundaries, and supports those who redefine what is possible in the bleeding disorders community


ST3 was founded based on the shared belief that pursuing fitness goals helps to not only make people healthier, but to be happier and live fuller lives on all levels.  We have found from personal experience that this not only happens, but that management of our bleeding gets easier as well!


ST3 is working to support people in the bleeding disorders that are leading by example as they pursue their dreams and push their physical boundaries.  Read more about what is happening today, and how we are striving for greatness together!


ST3 believes in sharing the message about being healthier, living better, and pursuing challenges. Please help us with your voice and your wallet.  ST3 is a registered 501(c)3 company - your donations are used to helppush boundaries and redefine what is possible.


Check out our blog for more detail on what we have going on, and how we are working on a day to day basis to lead by example, and help people chase big dreams!

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