Our Team. Chasing the Dream.

ST3 was founded by siblings, James, Geoff, and Jocelyn, and their close friend Eric.  Coming from a family with Hemophilia A, we know first-hand about the physical challenges that can accompany a genetic bleeding disorder.  For us, being physically active, and pursuing competitive athletic goals, became a way to get stronger and healthier, and need less medication to manage our condition.  Also, the stronger our bodies were, the stronger our minds were, and the more positive our outlook became.  Recognizing this, we decided together to found ST3, and use it as a tool to support those out there who are chasing their dreams, and redefining what is possible along the way.

James DeFilippi

I've always chased big athletic goals, but I learned quickly that when I chase them responsibily, I can achieve truly amazing things.  I try to share that first and foremost with my amazing daughters.

Geoffrey DeFilippi

Growing up with Hemophilia taught me the importance of taking care of myself, getting strong and fit, and setting a good example for others, most notably my little brother.  I'm proud to be able to share these lessons with others, and lead by example.

Jocelyn Bennett

I saw first hand the difficulty that growing up with a bleeding disorder brings, but always pushed my brothers to challenge themselves and do more, and know it is an important part of who they are as people.

Eric Swartz

James and I went to high school together, and sports and physical activity have always been an integral part of my life.  Helping start ST3 has been an amazing opportunity to share that with like-minded people.