About James and Geoff DeFilippi

Geoff and James DeFilippi are brothers with mild Hemophilia A.  Diagnosed at birth, the whole family grew up with the reality of life with a bleeding disorder.  Their two sisters, Jocelyn and Gwen, and their parents, George and Penny, all played a role in managing their condition.  With the support of great doctors and many local Hemophilia chapters, most notably Georgetown University's Dr. Craig Kessler and Carolyn Francis as well as the Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area, James and Geoff grew up with their condition well controlled.


James, Geoff, and the whole family learned the value of sports and athletic activity on overall health, and it became something that was embedded into their personalities.  This sticks with Geoff and James to this day, and they enjoy pushing each other and competing together when possible.   


Both Geoff and James have children and believe that in addition to leading by example in the bleeding disorders community, it is important to lead by example with their own families, and ensure that their kids grow up with a love of fitness and competition.