Sponsorships from ST3

ST3 understands from personal experience the unique challenges that leading an active lifestyle presents for a person with a bleeding or genetic disorder.  ST3 recognizes the impact that those within the community who chase big goals can have in motivating others to pursue their own goals.  ST3 will help support those who are willing to take on seemingly impossible challenges by providing resources to help pave the way to their goal.  ST3 will work with these individuals to create ways in which they can spread their story, and the positive impacts of chasing their goals, with others throughout the community.  ST3 will do this by providing regular information through the internet and social media, as well as by working with other similar associations to create in-person opportunities for interaction.  ST3 believes that by doing this, it will help promote health and wellbeing throughout the bleeding disorders community, and will help those who are willing to reach higher than many may think possible to become role models for everyone.​

Barry Haarde - 2016 Wheels for the World
Saving Lives by the Mile


ST3 is proud to support Barry Haarde in his journey across the country by bike.  Not only does Barry have an amazing personal story (read about it here), but he is pursuing this journey to challenge himself while raising money for the charity Save One Life to help children in developing nations have access to the factor that they need to have what many in the US take for granted, a normal, healthy life.   

Barry leads by example every day, pursuing his personal goal of riding 100,000 miles in 2016 while giving of himself freely to those around him.  We are lucky to be able to help Barry in this important journey.


Read Barry's Bio and learn more here

Learn more about Wheels for the World here and on Facebook

Learn more about Save One Life here

Geoff and James Climb Mt. Rainer


While not financially sponsored by ST3, Geoff and James take their responsibilities as co-founders of the organization seriously.  In that light, Geoff and James regularly pursue challenges and adventures.

To celebrate Geoffrey turning 40, Geoff, James, and their father George will summit Mt. Rainer in June.  


Learn more about Geoff and James here

Follow their adventure on the Blog and on ST3's Facebook and Instagram page.s

James the Triathlete


In addition to co-founding ST3, James is a competitive triathlete.  Despite growing up with Hemophilia A, competitive athletics have always been a big part of James's life.  James never took "no" for an answer when doctors told him what he could and couldn't do.  James was a swimmer and rower through high school and went on to be a D-1 competitive rower in college.  As he transitioned into full-fledged adulthood, James also transitioned into endurance sports as a way to channel his innate competitiveness and to set a good example for those around him, especially his kids.  

James has completed triathlons from sprint to full Ironman distance and has raced at the world championship level in the Olympic and half-ironman distances.  He has qualified for and run the Boston Marathon 3 times with a PR of 2:48:47.


Learn more about James here

Follow James's adventures on the Blog, on Instagram, and on his team's Facebook page